Pastor Wes, along with his wife Susan and their kids, has been with us since 2020. Wes is a life long native of Ohio, growing up in Steubenville. Wes enjoys spending time learning and being outdoors: "These are the avenues where God speaks most clearly to me. I love to witness God in creation and in the inspired thoughts of others."

"My thoughts on ministry can sometimes be very simple, to use the gifts I have been given to glorify God & develop those areas within me which are weak so I can be an example for others, all the time learning how to live in loving fellowship with the congregation around. And then encouraging and helping others to do the same."

"I don't think I have a favorite verse, but I definitely have favorite chapters. I love to read John 1, Genesis 1, and Psalm 19. Something about the combination of the head and heart in these chapters speaks to me at a deep level."

You can also follow Pastor Wes on his blog.